4 Year (and More!) Planning Workshops

Every fall and spring semester CPHA offers Four Year (and More!) Planning workshops.

These workshops are great opportunities for first year students to begin developing a personal four (or more) year plan. In the workshop, Mike Hill, our First Year Specialist, provides an overview of what to include in your plan — e.g., pre-health coursework and co-curriculars (e.g., volunteering, shadowing, research, patient care, and student org involvement). Following this, participants have the opportunity to begin developing your own personal plan with the support of pre-health advisors. Keep in mind that this plan may change as you progress through your years in college. Adaptability, openness to change, and motivation to learn about new opportunities are critical life skills!

Check back for our Fall 2020 Four Year (and More!) Planning workshops.

CPHA Advisor, Mike Hill, PhD, working with students at a Four Year (and More!) Planning Workshop.