4 Year + Planning Workshops

These workshops are great opportunities for first year and transfer students to begin developing a personal four (or more) year plan. In the workshop, Mike Hill, our First Year Specialist, provides an overview of what to include in your plan — e.g., pre-health coursework and co-curriculars (e.g., volunteering, shadowing, research, patient care, and student org involvement). Following this, participants have the opportunity to begin developing your own personal plan with the support of pre-health advisors. Keep in mind that this plan may change as you progress through your years in college!

The workshops in February 2021 serve as Part Two of the coursework-focused workshops in January. The focus this time around will be on how to build experiences outside the classroom that will help you become a strong applicant to health professional programs. You can sign up for a February workshop whether you attended a January workshop or not — all are welcome!

4 Year + Activities Workshops in February 2021:

  • Monday, February 8 (3:30-4:30 pm CST)
  • Tuesday, February 9 (3:30-4:30 pm CST)

These workshops are virtual and take place through our pre-health orientation. To sign up, please do two things:

CPHA Advisor, Mike Hill, PhD, working with students at a Four Year (and More!) Planning Workshop.