Health Professions Expo 2021

Welcome! The 3rd annual Health Professions Expo is right here.. Look below to find captioned recordings of more than 20 breakout sessions with admissions representatives, health professionals, and current students in health professional programs — as well as experts on healthcare career exploration, building experience, writing personal statements, and more. We also have a robust virtual resource hub with personalized content from clinical and community health organizations, research opportunities, and gap year experiences. Have a look around to find ideas for a future step on your path to a health profession!

AND — after you have attended virtual sessions and explored the virtual resource hub, please fill out this feedback survey and let us know how we can improve this event in the future.

Virtual Breakout Sessions and Workshops

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Health Professional Program Info Sessions

Eighteen health professional programs at UW-Madison are eager to connect with you. Meet with admissions reps, faculty, and current students. Please follow this link to explore and watch captioned, recorded sessions!

Exploring Healthcare Careers

1) Exploring Careers in Healthcare

Curious about health careers and wondering how to explore during uncertain times? Want to learn more about different health professions within the healthcare team? Watch this workshop to discover helpful exploration resources and chat with advisors from the Career Exploration Center, Center for Pre-Health Advising, and SuccessWorks to get your questions answered.

Watch the recorded session.

2) Pathways: Healthcare Career Exploration Panel

Learn more about healthcare-related professional programs offered through the School of Pharmacy, School of Medicine & Public Health, and the College of Agricultural & Life Sciences. Faculty and staff will discuss the diverse portfolio of programs to consider based on your career goals. This session is tailored for people who want to work in healthcare and might not be interested in the traditional program offerings. There will be time available to answer your questions.

Speakers include:

  • Eric Buxton, Applied Drug Development
  • Bryan Husk, Biotechnology & Applied Biotechnology
  • Makayla Schuchardt, Clinical Nutrition
  • Heidi Twedt, Clinical & Health Informatics
  • Cody Wenthur, Psychoactive Pharmaceutical Investigation

Watch the recorded session.

Working on a Healthcare Team

Team-Based Care: An Interactive Virtual Workshop

UW Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education in collaboration with its program/school partners (from Genetic Counseling, Medicine, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, and Physical Therapy) invites you to their interactive workshop on interprofessional education and collaborative practice in healthcare. In this workshop, students were able to interact with Genetic Counselors, Physicians, Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Pharmacists, Physical Therapists, and Physician Assistants to learn how they work together to care for patients. Don’t miss this great opportunity to hear from these professionals themselves about their roles and responsibilities on interprofessional teams!

Check back for the recorded session.

The Art & Science of Dentistry

Introduction to the Art and Science of Dentistry

Interested in dentistry? Hear dentists from the Milwaukee VA and UW-Madison alums and learn about the art and science of dentistry, careers in dentistry, and their work as dentists in the VA system.

Watch the recorded session.

State Governmental Public Health in Wisconsin

State Governmental Public Health in Wisconsin Info Session

Hear public health professionals (including some recent MPH graduates) working in the Wisconsin Division of Public Health discuss their role in the public health system and efforts they undertake to address public health needs in communicable disease control, adolescent health and other areas.

Watch the recorded session.

Involvement During the Pandemic

Getting Involved During the Pandemic

CPHA advisor Mike Hill explains how you can continue to build experience — safely — during the pandemic. Learn about opportunities in community service, patient care, connecting with health professionals, and more!

Watch the recorded session.

Writing Your Personal Statement


This workshop is for everyone applying to health professional programs. Learn how to write a strong personal statement—one that creates a compelling portrait of who you are as an individual, a student, and a future health professional.

Watch the recorded session.

Planning Your Gap Year

Badgers Minding the Gap Year: Careers in Healthcare

Take a virtual tour of how different health professions relate to gap year work. Hear personal perspectives from people who have done the work. Learn about health related gap year programs and jobs. Identify strategies to prepare strong application materials. Know where to search for and find gap year opportunities. And identify action steps to continue your gap year exploration.

Watch the recorded session.


Representatives from health professional programs, health professionals, students in health professional programs, and experts on exploring careers, building experience, and preparing your application take the lead in these virtual sessions and workshops. Explore them all!

Virtual Resource Hub


This resource hub is a virtual version of an expo hall full of tables with representatives from professional programs and organizations. Representatives have personalized the content posted here. Valuable information is just links away. Find experiences you want to build and programs you want to pursue. Then reach out to organizations. Most included personal contact information. They want to hear from you!

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Health Professional Programs

UW-Madison has numerous health professional programs. Follow this link to find information about 22 of them — as well as links to directories of health professional programs outside UW-Madison and resources for exploring programs.

Patient Care Experiences (including gap years)

Health professional programs value patient care and other experiences in clinical and para-clinical settings. Follow this link to learn about opportunities in patient care and other clinical experiences (e.g., working as a medical scribe). Many could be great options for building experience during a gap / experiential year. Learn what it means to serve others through healthcare service!

Community Health Organizations (including gap years)

Serving in community health settings is important as you prepare for a career in health. Follow this link to learn about great community health organizations in and around Madison. One could be somewhere you serve or intern during your gap / experiential year!

Gap / Experiential Year Experiences

Gap / experiential years are invaluable opportunities to learn about the world, other people, and yourself while making a positive impact. Follow this link to find information about City Year, Peace Corps @UW, and Wisconsin HealthCorps. This is a short but great list.

Want to learn about other organizations and opportunities? Check out:

And keep in mind that there are many great ways to spend your gap year(s). Other options include patient care positions, other service experiences, research, and more. Explore the other sections of this research hub to find additional ideas for your gap year(s)!

Related Campus Career Fairs and Events

Public Service Fair 

  • February 15 (3-7 pm CT)
  • Meet more than 50 organizations (including summer camps, service gap / experiential years, environmental / sustainability, education, vulnerable populations, healthcare, law enforcement)
  • Offered by the Morgridge Center for Public Service

Science, Health, and Research Fair

Badgers Exploring Social Justice Careers

Other Upcoming Virtual Fairs at UW-Madison

And check out the informal Taste of Success panel discussions SuccessWorks offers where you can just drop by and listen or engage and ask questions of UW alumni working in the following health fields:

Questions? Please email Maureen Muldoon, Career & Internship Specialist dedicated to Health, Environment & Research, at

Research Experiences

1)  Undergraduate Research Scholars Program

The Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URS) offers research and creative practice opportunities to first-, and second-year undergraduate students, as well as transfer students in their first year at UW. URS is a year-long program that matches students to a UW faculty/staff member conducting research or engaged in creative practice. Additionally, students participate in a weekly interdisciplinary seminar that focuses on the implications of research led by peer mentors. We accept students from across all disciplines, majors, and schools and offer academically diverse opportunities as well. If students are looking to get involved, check out our website for more information, and keep an eye out for the Scholar application in the spring.

Research can be a great way to explore academic areas and different interests within healthcare! As UW is a major hub for research, I would highly encourage any interested students to take a look at the options for getting experience. Although, URS only accepts first-, and second-year students, there are many other ways to get involved in research on campus. The URS staff is happy to respond to any questions or point you in a helpful direction!

Questions? Please email Mae Edwards, Program Assistant, at


2)  Student-centered Pipeline to Advance Research in Cancer Careers (SPARCC)

SPARCC (Student-centered Program to Advance Research in Cancer Careers) is an 8-week summer program at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, WI that combines content knowledge and clinical experiences to focus on cancer care, cultural responsiveness, and research. Students will have hands-on workshop sessions in the morning and clinical practicum rotations in the afternoon.

See SPARCC Scholars and their culminating “wicked problems” research project!

Questions? Please email Dr. Kristina Kaljo at


Want to learn more about getting involved in research? Find more information on the CPHA website and talk to your advisors!

US Navy Financial Assistance Programs

The US Navy has multiple financial assistance programs for college students going into healthcare fields. Whether it is the Health Professions Scholarship Program (full tuition) or the Health Services Collegiate Program (Active Duty Pay and benefits), you will be able to focus on your education instead of how you are going to pay for food. Upon graduation you will have guaranteed employment with unparalleled experience in your field.

Questions? Please call HM1 (SW) Kevin J. Burke at 414.708.2276.

Campus Resources

So many offices and centers at UW-Madison are here to support you in everything from financial aid and career exploration to ability accommodations, mental health care, studying and interning abroad, finding volunteer opportunities, getting the academic support you need, and more. College and post-college life as you pursue a health profession are multifaceted, and so is the support available on this campus. Follow this link to find support you may be looking for!

CPHA Resources

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CPHA Newsletter

The CPHA bimonthly newsletter is a treasure trove of information about pre-health events, opportunities, resources, recommended reading, listening, and more. Want to be added to our email list? Please sign-up to receive the CPHA newsletter here.

Our newsletter will arrive in your inbox the second and fourth Thursday (or sometimes Friday) of every month during fall and spring semesters — and once every month during winter and summer breaks.

Guidance on Involvement During the Pandemic

Find a link to an insightful podcast on building experience during the pandemic (featuring our very own Dr. Dija Selimi) as well as numerous ideas for using time well as we all do our part to stop the spread of COVID right here on our website.

Please have a look and come meet with us in drop-ins (for everyone) or appointments (for second-year students and up) to talk further. We will look forward to connecting with you!

Guidance on Exploring Healthcare Careers

There are so many careers in health. If you want to explore them, be sure to take advantage of the two Exploring Healthcare Careers virtual sessions during our 2021 Health Professions Expo. (Find information about them above under Virtual Breakout Sessions and Workshops).

You can also find resources on the CPHA website for exploring healthcare careers and learning more about the growing fields of allied health.

Please also meet with us in drop-ins (for everyone) and appointments (for second-year students and up) to talk further after reading information on our website — we are happy to talk!

Guidance on Connecting with Health Professionals

Check out the pages on our website dedicated to informational interviews and shadowing. We also have guidance on connecting with health professionals during the pandemic (including the following links to online shadowing programs).

Please also meet with us in drop-ins (for everyone) and appointments (for second-year students and up) to talk further after reading information on our website! We’re here to help.

Guidance on Finding Research Opportunities

We have information about getting involved in research on our website, including how to reach out to researchers. Please have a look and come meet with us in drop-ins (for everyone) or appointments (for second-year students and up) to talk further. We will look forward to talking!


Make the most of resources CPHA offers year-round. Please explore and use everything on our website. And please let us know what we are missing, what needs updating, and any other feedback you have on how we can continually improve the information we share. Email us at!

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