MCAT Study Prep Workshops

Are you preparing for the MCAT this year? CPHA can help: our MCAT Study Prep Workshop was virtual in Fal 2020. CPHA pre-health advisor, Dr. Dija Selimi, held eight workshops on the following topics:

  • Intro to the MCAT: Content, types of questions, grading and interpretation.
  • Self-assessments: evaluating the time you have, stress, and what works for you when you study!
  • Creating a study plan: Synthesizing the time you have, time you need, money you can spend and resources that work for you.
  • Let’s Practice CARS!
  • Let’s Practice Bio!
  • Let’s Practice Chem/Physics!
  • Let’s Practice Psych/Soc!
  • Modifying study plans: Handling plateaus, sinking scores, mental fatigue, learning from mistakes, and tracking progress


Questions? Want access to videos of these sessions and the workshop materials? Please email us at!

Dr. Dija Selimi working with students during an MCAT Study Prep Workshop.
MD/PhD student, Keith Dodd, working with students at an MCAT Study Prep Workshop.