Student Spotlight

We are pleased to introduce a new feature on the Center for Pre-Health Advising website: the Student Spotlight. This is a place for you to get to know some of your fellow pre-health students. For our second feature, it is our pleasure to introduce you to sophomore pre-med student, Sam Moffet.

Sam Moffet

Sam Moffet

CPHA: Tell us a little about yourself, Sam.


Sam: I was originally born in Madison in 1996 and moved to North Carolina in 2004 so I was familiar with the area. My mother and aunt both attended undergraduate and graduate school at the University of Wisconsin and my father finished his child psychiatry residency at the University of Wisconsin. It’s safe to say I have been immersed in the university my whole life but apart from my family ties, the university offered great programs in both music and biology which was the number 1 deciding factor in attending the University of Wisconsin.


CPHA: How did you get interested in medicine, and what did you do to explore the field?


Sam: I have been interested in medicine most of life, beginning with my parents bringing me to work (my father is a child psychiatrist and my mother is a nurse practitioner in bone marrow transplants). I have always been fascinated with the wide array of ideas that medicine includes and the ever-growing expansion of new technology and advances in the field of medicine. I have explored the field by shadowing doctors at both Duke University Hospital and the University of Wisconsin Hospital. I also have worked in labs at both of the previously stated Universities.


CPHA: How did you pick your major?


Sam: I picked my major (Molecular Biology and Jazz Studies-Piano Performance) by focusing on my two favorite subjects: medicine and jazz. The molecular biology major allows me to take advanced biological courses and learn more about deeper topics in the field of science and medicine. The jazz study major allows me to pursue my favorite hobby: jazz piano. I came into my first semester knowing I wanted to continue and build upon my jazz piano skills and majoring in the subject ensures I will have the best opportunity to do so.


CPHA: Tell us a little bit more about your background in music.


Sam: I have been involved in music since Kindergarten. My first elementary school (Madison Country Day School) requires kindergartners to learn basic piano and that sparked my interest in piano. I began with classical piano but grew into jazz when I began 5th Jazz has many creative opportunities where I can express myself. Music has always been my escape from the demands of higher education. I see jazz as more of a break than a class; it’s a stress reliever.


CPHA: How did you get involved outside the classroom your freshman year?


Sam: Outside of the classroom I was involved in a wide array of activities including intramural sports, jazz ensemble, and undergraduate lab research. Although busy at times, the balance of activities and school allows myself to truly invest in the college experience.


CPHA: What advice do you have for freshmen who may be thinking about medicine and majoring in the humanities?


Sam: My advice to freshman choosing the same path as me, don’t be frightened by the challenge of time management. Your advisors and professors are there to help you succeed and ensure that you have the opportunity to pursue both of your passions.


Be sure to check back throughout the semester to meet more of your pre-health peers!