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Do you want to talk with a pre-health advisor about your future plans?

As a UW-Madison alum, you have access to all the advising services The Center for Pre-Health Advising offers for as long as you need them. We are eager to work with you as you continue to take steps toward a health profession — whether you are progressing on a path you planned as an undergraduate or shifting to a field you discovered interest in your fourth or fifth year in college or after graduating. It is not uncommon for people to decide on a health profession after experience in another field. Please get in touch with us!

  • Make an appointment. (You can use your Campus ID to make an appointment using Starfish. If you have any difficulty with this, please call our office at 608.263.6614 to schedule an appointment.)
  • Come to drop-in advising.
  • Write to our questions box.
  • Enroll in an application course.
  • Sign up for the pre-health orientation, if health care is a new interest!

Do you want to give back to CPHA and/or current pre-health undergraduates?

We would love to hear from you! Please tell us how you are and what you’re doing. We want to know!

In addition:

  • We are looking for alumni to connect with current pre-health undergraduate students. If you are open to being a resource for someone pursuing the path you are on, please let us know. We would be grateful to get your permanent email to share with current pre-health undergraduates. We will always check with you before sharing your information.
  • We would also love a picture of you to share on this webpage. Please send us one if you’d like to inspire others with your progress!

Please send your contact information and photos to

Thank you and Onward!