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Health professional programs look for applicants who demonstrate a sustained commitment to helping others — in clinical and in non-clinical settings. Health professions are helping professions, and for this reason, all health professional programs look for applicants whose experiences demonstrate a sustained commitment to service. Volunteering is also an excellent way to develop confidence, skill, and sensitivity in the ways you interact with people whose lives may be very different from your own. It is important to seek out experiences that will help you learn about what life is like for people with backgrounds and life experiences with which you are unfamiliar. You will also be able to begin learning to engage patients and healthcare professionals in conversation when you begin to serve in clinical settings.

Learn more about opportunities to volunteer in clinical and non-clinical settings below. To discuss specific service requirements for a health profession, please make an appointment to meet with a Pre-Health Advisor at CPHA.

Community Service Resources


These links will help you think about ways to get involved in the community. These can be ways to personalize your service and make connections between other interests you have and the ways you enjoy serving others.