Kira Schulz volunteering at the St. Mary's Hospital Birth Suites.

Kira Schulz volunteering at the St. Mary’s Hospital Birth Suites.

Most health professional schools and programs would like you to demonstrate a commitment to helping others. Since the health professions are helping professions, all programs want to see students with a sustained dedication to service. Volunteering, like shadowing, is also an excellent way to start interacting with healthcare professionals and patients.


The following links to area clinics will help you get started in a medical setting. Use our four-year planner to map out your volunteering alongside your other academic and extracurricular commitments. To discuss specific service requirement for a profession, please make an appointment to meet with a Pre-Health Advisor.



These links will help you think about ways to get involved in the community. These can be ways to personalize your service and make connections between other interests you have and the ways you enjoy serving others.